Where It All Began…

We are Leah and Skott. We’re Anxious and We Travel.

So, we guess you’re wondering where our sense of adventure started. We’d love to be able to tell you that we just deciding to F**k it all and left on a 75 year adventure. But sadly no… we’re too anxious for that. Plus, realistically, we have jobs, responsibilities, a doggo (Penny), some cats (Max, Bella, Alfie and Cleo), plus a tank of tropical fish that like to eat each other, you know? The usual.  But what we did have and still do is a little bit of freedom and a bit of spare cash that allows us to take trips as often as life permits.

Where it all started… 

So, back in May 2011, we were poor, broke and sick of just going to college and doing nothing. We had been chatting about going away for some time but as stated. We had no money. Had all the time in the world but the funds did not match. We live with Leah’s mum and like a ledge* she suggested camping? We laughed and said where? In the garden?! We said we would look into it. We got home and just started browsing. We live in Liverpool, which is not known for its lush green fields like Wales or the Cotswolds. So we had options like Southport… yeah that was pretty much it. Until, Skott stumbled (like you do on the internet) upon the Arriva bus website. Sorry, I should mention neither of us drove at this point. But I digress, so were on the Arriva website and it says you can get a bus ticket that covers Liverpool and North Wales, including Chester… well, we nearly wet ourselves. That was it, Skott was planning and looking for the best campsites, the ones closest to bus stops, what equipment we’d need, what clothes to take, food, everything, he was away. Something sparked that interest for travel there and then. Leah wasn’t so sure, she let him go with it as he normally gets ‘bright ideas’ and lets be honest they’re never normally that bright.

So, the planning commenced. We think we picked the furthest campsite away from Liverpool. We had booked, found out what tickets we needed and were ready to go the following Friday. We had borrowed a tent, Leah’s mum bought us a camping stove, we had packed, wed borrowed chairs you name it, we had it. The amount of stuff we took with us, looked like we were going for 75 years… 

So that Friday morning comes, we were up and out by 5am. First bus into Liverpool, to make sure were we through chester and into Wales for 10 am. We got on the Wales bus ridiculously excited with every bus driver looking at us like we were from another planet. We didn’t care. We were traveling. We were doing us. We were smashing it. We finally arrive about 4pm after the 30 minute walk down an A road with a suitcase two chars a tent and the kitchen sink. The weather was glorious. Then we made it. We had finally made it. Practically 12 hours later we were there. Then it happened, the welsh weather or our luck? Who knows? The rain came out of nowhere, and we mean not just dribble a full on poor down. We had to sit in a barn for two hours until it settled. 6pm it stopped. 6PM!! We were out tent up, chairs out, campfire on, freezing our bits off, loving life. 

Eventually, Monday came, we’d walked we’d been up a torrent, down a torrent, Leah fell over, got septicemia, been to a welsh hospital. Realised we didn’t use anything we had taken with us and were on our way back home. 

We’d caught it. 

The travel bug. 

And we knew it wasn’t going away. 

We were itching to go again.

It wasn’t until the following year we went abroad. We went to Barcelona, Spain.

But that my friends is a tale for another time. 

We hope you enjoyed reading where it all started for us and if you take any advice from this, take ‘just go’ it doesn’t matter how poor, how time restricted, how unaware you are, you will learn, you will grow. Whenever we’re looking at any travel now this story always comes into it. If it wasn’t for that first time we would not have been to 4 continents and numerous countries. With a list as big as the world, literally just go.  


*Ledge is short for legend in scouse.

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