Bali… Our 6 Days in Ubud

Technically Part 3 but who’s counting?!

That beam of sunlight you can feel coming through the curtains when you wake up in a new country is like no other. To be honest, i’m surprised we were awake by 10 am after the little sleep we had.

So our 6 night stay in Ubud was hosted by Puri Gardens. A little quiet hotel in Ubud about a 20 minute walk to the Monkey Forest. We spent our days relaxing by the pool exploring the community and going on several adventures.

Firstly, if you want to go to Bali you need to know this. Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng is life over there. All over Indonesia in fact.
Do you know what it is? It’s fried rice and fried noodles. This is breakfast, dinner and tea or breakfast, lunch and dinner (Don’t ask…England speak). Now this is beautiful when your hungover to death and just need that type of food, but we’re not big drinkers. No, like, Skott will have a beer or two but this isn’t every night, and Leah stays on the hard stuff… Pepsi Max or water. It’s just not something that we do.
So as you can probably guess we get up starving, out of our traditional balinese 4 poster bed and head down for breakfast…

…Rice and noodles…

…are you mad?! Where is the bread? the continental european breakfast?! Skott tries to ask this in broken pigeon Balinese/English and threw in a bit of Spanish to the poor pool guy, who got someone, who then got someone… who eventually got someone who said… ‘This Breakfast… yes…’ she gave us two plates and two coffees…

We sat down. Ate our rice and noodles, drank the thickest coffee ever and made a move. After all, we were in Bali, and always embrace our host countries culture.

We never ate breakfast at the hotel again.
We did however, find a lovely place down the road that did pancakes. They were beautiful.

Beautiful Pancakes…

We explored Ubud over the few days. We DID NOT (shock) go to the Monkey Forest, for a few reasons really, but mainly, we were a bit terrified.
We had heard a lot of horror stories and thought that we could spend our time doing other things. We’re sure you can google these yourself, and that not every visit ends in a Monkey selfie while it runs away with your phone.

To list a couple of the excursions that we went on;

Firstly, a fully day with Mr Ida Bagus Buana.
He took us to Batuan Temple, Tegenungan Waterfall and Puri Besakih.
He also squoze in the art village and a Lion dance (No not real lions!).
Now, this was a huge day, he picked us up at 8am and dropped us back off for around 8pm. Ida’s car had full air con, he took us through all of the back roads so we could get to see true Bali and he was happy to take pictures for us along the way.
He provided water and showed us where we could get good food etc.
Ida’s fee was only a very modest 800,000IDR. In GBP this was £44.22 for 2 people.
It was amazing value for money!

We also went White Water Rafting down the Ayung River and Quad Biking as a full day excursion. We found the company (Telaga Waja Rafting and Bali ATV Ride Package by Bali Rafting Tours) through trip advisor and it included pick up and drop off from our Hotel. Two meals were also included in the trip, but not drinks.
We especially enjoyed the ATV ride through caves and Sam the White Water Rafting guide who was brilliant. However, we didn’t enjoy the hike back from the river up the side of the mountain – too many steps to count, but Skott almost didn’t make it up.

Also in Ubud, we opted for a night tour of Bali Zoo. We got to visit the zoo after hours and see the animals after dark. The ticket included a meal and entertainment with a ‘Fire Dance’. It was a magical experience as we got to see the sunset over Mount Batur in the distance. This also included pick up and drop off. We’re quite into visiting zoo’s and conservation is quite important to us. The animals appeared well looked after and the zookeeper’s appeared passionate about the animals welfare. Including the free roaming Banana spiders (not part of the zoo – but can be spotted all throughout the zoo).

Mother Temple in Bali – Sunday Celebration

The day before we left Ubud, we were tired from the above trips and thought we would stay local, explore the shops to pick up some souvenirs, and have a ‘pool day’.
The day went as planned, until we decided that we wanted to go back to the room to get dressed.
We entered the room, to find a beautiful waterfall had sprung from the ceiling.
We had a 2 ft hole right in the middle of our ceiling and a new carpet of plaster and … shit. Literally – Bird shit amongst ceiling stuff.
Cue – Skott’s pigeon balinese and very confused maid.
The only way to explain to the hotel staff, was for Skott to take the confused receptionist by the hand and lead her to our room… She grew more concerned the closer she got, as Skott carried on in pigeon English/Balinese to repeat ‘hole… ceiling… fall…’.
Lets just say her reaction was not what we expected.
She took in the floor… ceiling… and new waterfall and said ‘I clean… you leave tomorrow… it okay’.

It really was not okay.

After some deliberation, we finally got to move into a room with an intact ceiling.
The receptionist carried both of our backpacks and all of our hand luggage into the other room and were very accommodating when they realised we did not want to sleep under the stars.

We went out for a meal on our last night and headed back early, as we had to leave at 5am to get ready for the trip to Gili Trawangan.

We used our Lonely Planet Bali guide book throughout the trip (also featuring a useful key phrases section – which unfortunately did not include how to explain that your hotel room ceiling has fallen through.

Thanks for reading!

Stay Safe!

Leah and Skott
x x x

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