Bali…Part 2

Ubud at Night

Right, where were we…
Oh yeah on our way to Bali.

So, first mistake of our super long haul flight… we didn’t take pillows. So although we were flying with Emirates and their economy is super comfy but we could have been comfier. Now, we will do a full review on the airlines we’ve flown with but I have got to say, from beginning to end on all four
flights, everything was outstanding with Emirates. We mean Everything.
Okay, well we knew what we would be doing on the flights- Skott had gone through the films, games and tv series with a fine tooth comb- 2 Broke Girls it was in order to stay awake on the Dubai flight.

With a Flight time of 7 hours from Manchester, we would Land at 00:00. Then an eight hour wait. Fun. Honest.
So we go and find somewhere quiet. Dubai airport has nice padded reclined seats for long layovers. We find two together, secure our belongings, set an alarm for 5AM and try and get our heads down. Here’s our second mistake. So we didn’t realise how BIG Dubai airport actually is. And that’s just the Emirate’s terminal. So we got approximately 3 hours interrupted sleep. Skott checks the flight intermittently throughout the time spent at area C. It wasn’t until about 6am that he realized that our flight from Dubai left from area B.

So firstly we panicked.

Secondly, we walked the whole of area C looking for area B about 3 times.

Thirdly, it was 6:45am our flight closed in 1 hour.

Now if you know Dubai airport, you’ll know it takes on average 45 mins to get from C to B walking a it may as well be in a different country! If you know Dubai airport you will also know there is a train that runs approximately every 5 mins or so through every terminal A, B and C . This takes approximately 15/20 mins. So this is where the anxiety kicks in.
the pair of us are flapping in the middle of Dubai airport looking for a flight to Bali leaving from the wrong Damn section of the airport.

Now we’ve said before, Leah is the brains of our whole operation and at this moment in time she was the genius that we needed. You know what she did?

She looked up.

That was it. Looked up and seen the damn sign that said ‘Trains to terminals A and B’. Shining there in beautiful blue and yellow, glowing like the golden sun in a clear blue sky. Like the sky we dreamt of seeing when we landed in
Bali. We were gone. Stopping briefly to marvel at the wall of water that was on display to promote ‘the palm’ (this was the closest we got to it) we made a train, and were off at terminal B with 30 mins to spare. We didn’t even look round the concourse. We just sat, out of breath, out of energy, but still with that buzz in our veins.

So were on flight number 2. Again Emirates are fantastic. We had a row of 3 to the both of us. Skott on the aisle because he has long legs. Leah up against the window with her blanket and out jackets bunched up as a pillow. We managed a good few hours on this flight. We finally landed in Bali around 3AM. Our hotel, Puri Garden in Ubud had arranged for us to be picked up- most hotels do this in Bali. We had a nice air-conditioned Car and water was provided. We checked in listening to the sound of crickets in the darkness. Smelling those holiday smells and incense.
oh the incense.

We were there, 27 hours later and we had made it.
We took no notice of the room only the fact that it had a toilet that wasn’t 45,000 feet in the air and a bed.
A real bed.
We slept.
It was the best damn sleep of our lives…

More to follow… including breakfast, lizards, weather and holes…

Stay safe!
Leah and Skott
x x x

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