Beautiful, Beautiful Bali…

Paddy Fields- Bali

So this is a whistle stop tour of our 15 days traveling around Bali and Gili T. There will be a more detailed itinerary of Bali to follow but we wanted to just start and get some bits out there.

So how did we come to booking Bali? Well, it was January. It was cold, miserable and we wanted something to do. So like you do you jump the bus into Town (yes, Liverpool city centre) and go straight to STA travel. There was absolutely no research involved with booking Bali. In fact we didn’t even know it existed until we booked it.

So yeah, our blog say’s anxious and you might think that just booking somewhere we didn’t know existed is a bit reckless and ‘out there’. One Name. Skott. Okay, so Leah did agree but to look at it from the outside Skott did the talking, walking, right onto that 26 hour long journey in June. To be fair he go us a really good deal. We paid £1500ish total to get there and back and with three hotels for 15 days. We took it as a win. We paid for it there and then and we were going in 6 months.

Now 6 months is ample of time pre- going away to get ready right? not when you need three shots of Hep B, Japanese encephalitis, and rabies jabs. Yeah nice one Skott. Boom £500 between us to get stabbed. (DISCLAIMER: please check what jabs you need before you travel- well in advance). We booking into the STA travel clinic for the following week.

So we went home. Buzzing. No idea what had just happened but we were high. that travel bug had just broken free and we were doing it! Well… getting close to doing it! We ordered a guide on Bali and jumped straight in to where we were staying what we could do, where we could explore and how not to get stung (True nearly trafficked story coming soon.).

In the blink of an eye 6 months had gone. we had bought everything you needed including Deet, water bottles, backpacks. You name it we had it. And we set off to the airport with about 4 1/2 minutes of sleep and excitement/ anxiety running through our veins. Now this isn’t our first time travelling, if you read us we’ve been to a couple of places before Bali. But this was exciting. It felt different. We felt alive, in love and ready for the adventure that awaited us…

To Be Continued…

Stay Safe

Leah and Skott

x x x

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