Where We’ve Been…

According to Tripadvisor, we’ve accumulated over 32,000 miles…
That’s only 6% of the world.

So let’s start off with the UK.
Good old Britannia.
We’re from Liverpool and we think its a pretty awesome city to have your base. I mean don’t get us wrong. There’s amazing places out there, but Liverpool, it’s home.

Liverpool- Albert Dock- Image by Anxious Travellers

So like we’ve said previously we went to Wales. On a Bus. We think that’s pretty epic for two people who didn’t have a clue what we were doing. After Wales in April 2011 we thought we’d take it up a notch. We wanted to Fly. So we did…

Leah is the very cautious one out of us both. Skott is more… lets say impulsive. We headed to town (that’s Liverpool City Center) because we were way too suspicious of booking online. Y’know its 2012 who does that?! We’d saved up a bit of money got our passports in hand and booked Barcelona.

Yes we paid over the odds.

Yes it was September 2012.

Yes we wanted to go anywhere on a plane.

Yes we (Skott) was won over by the guy in STA travel who knew he could get anything out of us.

By the end of the hour we were going to Barcelona in 2 weeks.


But we’ll tell you about that on the Barcelona blog. Since then we’ve been to:
We did a lot of camping with our German Shepherd, Diesel Bear (RIP) in this time.
September 2015- Malta
June 2016- New York
July 2017- Bali
November 2017- Berlin
September 2018- San Francisco to Las Vegas ROAD TRIP
December 2018- Rome
May 2019- Tenerife (Hen Do)
December 2019- Prague

We also did a lot of traveling round the UK. From Ghost Hunts to London. Harry Potter World to Edinburgh. We will tell you about those things in the upcoming blogs.

Stay Tuned. Stay Safe.

Leah and Skott
x x x

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