What to Expect…

So what do you expect from a travel blog? Travel? Tales from far off places about the sounds, smells and feels of a new land? or how much you are genuinely sh*tting youself with excitment and fear with every single part of going somewhere new?

Yeah, the latter. We thought so.

So that is what you will get. Us telling you about our good times, our bad times. Our epic adventures and our epic fails. None of which we will ever want to change. None of which have ever put us off travelling. We are two normal people, with 9-5 jobs like we’ve said. You’ll get the good with the bad. Not the I’ve traveled my whole life without a job or responsibilities.

No matter how much we have been anxious going, doing and coming we have never once said we will never travel again. Yeah sure were had places were we’ve gone, ‘you know what, I wasn’t fussed’. Like Rome for example (Yes. We Know. Unpopular Opinion) we didn’t like it. You can read why in our Rome blog later. It didn’t stop us from booking our next adventure and it doesn’t stop us from looking at other places in Italy.

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